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The mission of the DuPage Regional Office of Education is to collaboratively build and sustain a high quality County educational community for all


This vision sets the stage for responsible action and is intended to generate a common goal, hope, and encouragement to move from the present to a positive and healthy future for youth.

We envision

A County educational community that

  • Values and uses the richness of diversity in developing and nurturing youth
  • Fosters and supports coordinated learning experiences
  • Facilitates collaborative, consolidated, and comprehensive service for youth and families
Learners who
  • Are mutually respectful, compassionate, and encouraging
  • Are self-confident, self-motivated, and resilient lifelong learners
  • Are responsible, accountable, and contributing members of their school and community
A curriculum that
  • Focuses on a continuum of skill development, from basic literacy to higher level thinking skills
  • Provides real world, research-based, and integrated learning experiences
  • Is standards-driven and outcome based
Schools that
  • Are safe, clean, attractive, pleasant conducive to learning and growth
  • Respond to the richness of diversity in their offerings
  • Are linked with and accountable to the community
Learning environments that
  • Foster interactive and relevant learning
  • Are stimulating and resource-rich
  • Build community
Educational professionals who
  • Are open, valuing, and caring of all youth
  • Remain current on research-based practices
  • Are skilled in using a variety of stimulating and rigorous teaching techniques
  • Work with families and community as partners

Goal Area 1. To install an effective and efficient Regional Office of Education that is organized and functional in supporting children, youth, and professionals

Goal Area 2. To provide direct services to youth based on areas of special focus

Goal Area 3. To facilitate the linkages and resource-sharing arrangements among schools and districts across DuPage County

Goal Area 4. To facilitate collaborative arrangements between schools and districts, and human/social service organizations, and community service programs/projects (e.g., civic responsibility, service learning, etc.)

The DuPage County Regional Office of Education is one of 45 ROEs that support the schools of their county, or groups of counties in Illinois. The DuPage ROE provides a range of services, including: professional development, teacher certification, technology training, school improvement, student support, assessment, health, life safety and other related services to the 42 public school districts and 161,000 students of DuPage County.