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Principal Evaluation Tools

In accordance with the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) the DuPage ROE was asked to assist in the development of a principal/assistant principal evaluation tool which would be compliant with the law and adaptable within each DuPage school district. This shared services model benefits districts by conserving time and money while sharing expertise. The DuPage ROE Leadership Steering Committee, DuPage IASA and DuPage IPA worked together to develop recommended tools and processes.

The DuPage model is different than the state model for the following reasons:

  • The percentage assigned to the student academic growth requirement in 2013-14 is 30% in the DuPage model. The state model is 25% in 2013-14.
  • Many of the state indicators were used in the DuPage model. However, indicators were added/deleted because the committee felt the revised rubric is a more accurate reflection of the principal’s work. This is particularly true in reference to Standard II.
  • The DuPage ROE model assigns a value to the self-assessment tool which is the practice rubric. This aligns with the philosophy regarding a developmental approach, which emphasizes reflection and goal setting. The state model does not assign a value to self-assessment.
  • The DuPage model provides a numerical approach for districts to use in determining the summative rating.
  • The state model uses a qualitative approach to determine the summative rating.

Two forms were created for the summative evaluation from which districts may choose.
Public Act 094-1039: http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/94/PDF/094-1039.pdf
Principal Evaluation Framework
Timeline for Principal Evaluation
Guidance Document for Principal Evaluation Rules and LEA Latitude
Illinois Performance Standards for School Leaders - Job Descriptions
DuPage Model Summative Evaluation Form A
DuPage Model Summative Evaluation Form B
Sample DuPage ROE Principal Evaluation Cover Letter
Rising Star Principal Evaluation Aligned Rubric

For more information on Performance Evaluation, please click here http://www.growththroughlearningillinois.org/

For more information on PEAC, please click here: http://www.isbe.net/peac/